It’s an undeniable truth that the field of mobile apps is constantly growing, continuously emphasizing its underlying market potential. The number of both apps and users is skyrocketing, taking the importance of mobile marketing to a new level. In order to attract users engaging with your app on a regular basis, here are three useful tips you should take into consideration:

1. Create an outstanding customer experience. As stated in a blogpost from Richard Shreeve on Tech SPARK, delivering the right customer experience is probably the most crucial factor for mobile app success. It certainly goes far beyond the user interface, comprising different elements that have to act in sync. In general, the rule of thumb is: different device, different context. In other words, the user of a banking app most likely has a different intention than someone using the regular website on a computer. Keeping this in mind, strategically tailoring an app to your customer’s needs is inevitably important.

2. Provide in-app messaging. This type of message comprises notifications displayed while the user is actively using the app. According to recent research results by Localytics, apps providing this function are beneficial in numerous ways. For example, the study shows that in-app messages “encourage app exploration and discovery, increase session time, and boost mobile revenue.” Finally, they can be seen as an effective measure to build relationships between app marketers and their users.

3. Choose the right communication channel. Developing a great application with value for your target group is the first step. However, in order to make your app eventually succeed it is necessary to effectively communicate it to the target user. Hence, it stands to reason that the right communication channel is directly or indirectly related to the app’s subject. This maximizes the probability that your app is seen by the right people and thus positively influences the download rates. For example, it appears reasonable to promote an app related to soccer on a website about sports.

Altogether, these are just three factors of many. As usual, enduring success in the mobile marketing world depends on a lot of different things. We at Spyke Media help your company to find the right measures to drive your app marketing success.

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