We’ll be at Affiliate World Conferences Berlin event next week – and we’re happy to introduce Yuval, our Berlin-based Business Development Manager.

Meet him in this interview – and to meet him in person. arrange a meeting: https://spykemedia-awe2017.youcanbook.me/

Yuval, welcome to Spyke Media. Tell us about your role for the company…

I’m a Senior Business Development Manager, which means I primarily help Spyke Media acquire new clients that want to succeed with their apps or mobile content offers. Many of these clients are from China and the United States. As a part of my role, I’m responsible for establishing Spyke’s presence in Berlin, which is also a great home ground to connect with the many digital companies in Germany’s capital.

You’re not a native of Berlin, but moved here from Tel Aviv. Why?

It’s a city full of opportunity, it has a great international population and very interesting trends happening. I’ve been living in Berlin for four years now, and I don’t regret it. My ‘kiez’, Kreuzberg, is perfect to live in. But it’s also fantastic in terms of business, with all the aspiring mobile industry players having offices nearby.

What is your professional background?

I studied Business Administration, Economics and International Marketing in Tel Aviv, then I spent some time as a digital copywriter in a big international agency group. This was the pre-iPhone era. After that, I moved on to work as a financial broker, trading in day-to-day business. My last stop before Spyke was with a multinational corporation in the digital marketing industry, specializing in cross-device advertising and mobile game publishing.

Looks like quite a diverse CV. What would you say are your key benefits for Spyke?

It’s the combination of what I’ve learned. Working in digital copywriting was a good marketing experience, and helping clients manage their investment portfolios in a very responsible manner was also great to prepare for key account management. Obviously, working for an ad network has helped me understand the game.

Do you see any parallels between work as a broker and working for a mobile marketing company?

Absolutely. If you look at everything we do, I see a lot of convergence here, the way we interpret data, the fast transactions, the way we understand patterns and manage portfolios – all this is very similar to brokerage.

Tell us: Why did you decide to join Spyke Media?

I’ve been in touch with the team for a long period of time now, and I gained the impression that this is not only an expanding international mobile marketing company, but especially a great team at work. Spyke has great people and builds great relationships. I was convinced I should be a part of this and enjoy the many benefits that working in the global mobile marketing industry brings, like attending fun conferences in great cities all over the world.

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