We had the opportunity to attend the first edition of App Promotion Summit Berlin at the beautiful Adlon hotel in the heart of Germany’s capital yesterday. And what an event it’s been. Not only the setting was top-notch. Thanks to MobyAffiliates, who pulled together the content of the conference, we learned a lot about the spectrum of challenges and potential solutions to App Discovery and romotion. The people in attendance were high-level, so for SPYKE it was good to be there and extend our network.

A key takeaway that we would like to highlight came from Gaston Irigoyen, CEO and Co-Founder of Guidecentral. Gaston and his app are living proof that App Store Optimization has a major impact on the success of a digital app.

He applied the lessons learned at the London App Promotion summit – and claims to have achieved a download volume of his app that has gone up 15-fold over the recent semester. On the way, it took 17 updates and two major changes (a title change was included) to tweak the app store visibility in such a way that, today, Gaston draws a very positive summary.

App Store Optimization is a great complentary ingredient if you push an app. Gaston indicated that especially the impact of the icon and the title of an app (do include keywords!) really make a difference. He reanks the importance of the app description rather low.

We at SPYKE think that marketing budgets are important, but that it’s similarly important to understand wha you can do to drive conversion once advertising delivers leads. So App Store Optimization is definitely something to put serious thought at.

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