To get your app on top

The ROI-focused app store strategy

Spyke Media takes performance seriously – and this won’t stop
with traditional app engagement and app marketing campaigns.
We assist our customers in the definition, execution and review
of ROI-focused app store strategies that convert the advantages
of App Store Optimization (ASO) and Apple Search Ads (ASA) into
long-term winning strategies.

Why apple search ads

Relevant Audience

Fraud Free


The native audience of app stores is an ideal population to
connect with. These target groups are looking for what you
offer. More than 65% of all app downloads follow a search
within the app store App Store Optimization matters. Finding
the right keywords and presentation for your app on the stores
will lead to a better or even top position in the app store search
With Apple Search Ads, money isn’t sunk on under-performing
keyword marketing. Our certified Apple Search Ads Team will
re-allocate budgets to relevant keywords that deliver high-
quality users for your app. With the help of ASA we can promote
your app to customers in 59 countries and regions with
automated machine learning optimization.

Spyke media Bridges

Dynamic Data in Apple Search Ads & Mobile Measurement Partners (MMPs)
We bridge the gap between App Store Optimization and MMPs for you to take full control of your ad
performance and leverage automation to grow ROI and save time that you need for the next strategic tasks.

Why Spyke and not DIY?

Our team has been trained by Apple staff, is authorized for
Apple Search Ads and constantly optimizes strategies to
succeed in the AppStore environment. The team knows all the
latest updates and takes part in regular trainings. Spyke
Media’s experts will work with you to analyze, optimize,
execute and review your app’s positioning on the AppStore.
The work is fueled also by powerful API connectivity and
automatization, intelligently combining ongoing improvements
that result from experience with a wide range of customers.
Spyke App Store Optimization will lead to a better app store rank
and contribute to visibility, enhance meaningful reach and allow
for an efficient acquisition of new, engaged customers. Additionally,
clients benefit from third party systems in our tech stack to reach
best keyword and competition analysis. Our own proprietary
system allows for intelligent combinations of campaign and
attribution data, leading to more comprehensive insights and
better performance.


For Your Apple Search Ads Success
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We consult with our clients about the app, promotion targets, budgets, desired
volumes and restrictions.
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To maximize potentials, we analyze the app as well as its competition, resulting
in advice for App Store Optimization as well as suggested keywords.
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Based on our approach, we identify the relevant keywords for the start and set up of
the initial campaign. This is followed by creative testing & bids on best performing
keywords to increase downloads.
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We make use of continuous Machine Learning Auto-Optimization to maximize
Installs or achieve the disred in-app-event-ratio, such as purchases or registration.
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Based on the insights, Spyke Media continues to monitor the competition and
keywords to leverage machine learning capabilities, leading to evolutions of the


Increase your organic downloads

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