Last week we enjoyed two exciting days in Berlin visiting the Apps World Germany. As you might remember, we had already exhibited at last year’s event as well as in London and South Africa. So of course Berlin was already blocked in our timetables!

To us from Spyke Media the Apps World is the perfect place to meet the growing European app developer community. It is the get-together for new, exciting start-ups and mobile first brands which are sharing their insights with regards to the future of the ever-evolving app ecosystem.

Besides the topics from the world of mobile gaming, marketing, wearables, cyber security and emerging payment solutions via mobile, this year’s Apps World Germany focused on app development with attention to do’s/don’ts before the actual product is launched. We also liked the presentation of new stuff like the beacon technology or location-based user acquisition. Yes, of course. User acquisition trends is what we are always looking for as this is one of our core competences at Spyke.

But back to the event itself. As Always, it was a pleasure for us to present Spyke in such a great and experienced environment. We also had the chance to build new partnerships with app developers and bigger brands who are going to start investing in their own mobile marketing strategies very soon. Besides of potential new partners Apps World was also a good place to talk to our current partners in order to find new ways to extend the existing collaboration status and also just in order to have a little chat on what they’re doing at the moment.

In terms of the conference part of the event, we really enjoyed the mix of speeches from different speakers, which came from big brands as AOL, Ford or Walt Disney, from established ones like Shazam, Uber or Zalando and from upcoming app companies like Number26. For us the most interesting and special speaker was Graham McAllister, the founder of Player Research, an award-winning user research and playtesting studio. Player Research is working with developers at all stages of the lifecycle – from the earliest concept stages, through to design, development, and into release and beyond. Their clients include Sony, Jagex, BBC, Mind Candy, NaturalMotion Games, Splash Damage, and many others and they are a BAFTA video games member. All in all, McAllister gave some great insights on their business and made this the coolest session of the day.

After two days full of interesting conversations, wonderful impressions and a lot of fun, we are now back in our office but are already looking forward to the next events ahead.

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