Next week, Martin will be attending App World London to discover the latest trends of the industry. A lot of interesting speakers will gather in England’s capital to share thoughts and ideas about different topics of mobile marketing.

This year for the first time ever, Bot World is called into being as one of its promising highlights. While everyone is talking about the new opportunities Chatbots will offer to different companies, we’d like to discover potentials of this technology in the field of mobile performance marketing. What if a Chatbot could answer your question by sending you a download link for an app? Or what if the Chatbot would download an app himself in order to write an actual review on the Appstore? Well, okay, we went a bit too far with the last one, but are very excited to talk about this as well as many other topics with the best people in our industry.

So as always, you can schedule a meeting with Martin by using our youcanbookme link here. We are looking forward to meeting YOU, our friends and partners as well as new people from all over the world in London!

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