“What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas“ – this is what you usually hear when you ask someone what they did during their recent trip to Sin City. In the following blogpost we’d like to break this unwritten rule and tell you something about Spyke Media attending the Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas.

First of all, this three-day conference is always worth a trip across the Atlantic as it is one of the biggest events in our industry. The first day is about getting to know new potential partners as well as existing partners at the Meet Market. This year there were more than 175 companies, a huge attendance leading to great talks and many chats. Well, it kind of felt like we talked to all of the 175 companies during the first day of the Affiliate Summit. As always we had a great time with partners from the industry such as Kimia, Mobusi or TUNE as you can see in our photo album on our Facebook page.

The following two days were shaped by great speakers, presentations and so many different workshops, making us feel again that time was the most valuable resource to spend in Las Vegas. There was such a wide range of topics being discussed: Blogger strategies, SEO tactics for performance marketing in countries with a difficult regulatory situation like China, must-haves for a successful mobile ad campaign, etc. etc.. We might start our own blog on party advices during ASW, but we’ll get to that topic later.

Furthermore, we noticed that fraud is still a huge topic in the industry and that all kind of players in the mobile business are shifting their powers to fight fraudulent traffic. The good thing about it is that we make great strides and we at Spyke are confident in our fight against fraud. You’ll hear from us on this subject in a few weeks, so watch out for our blogposts.

A topic we are also educated in is the party scene during the ASW 2016. Our favorite event took place at the XS nightclub in the Encore Hotel on Monday night, when we enjoyed great tunes as well as big load of fun on the dancefloor with many of our partners. Adding to it, we also enjoyed the Affiliate Summit Ball with more than 2000 guests and music artists like E-40 and Curtis Young.

In summary, one thing is sure. We will be back in Vegas next year because ASW is one of the best events combining great participants and interesting topics in a wonderful environment. A thing we might change is our strategy at the slot machines, but that story is one which definitely has to stay in Vegas.

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