This week our team member Ben went on a trip to Tel Aviv. Part of it is that he’s enjoying a vacation in his home country, but that is not what this blogpost should be about. By the way, enjoy your vacation, Ben!

Business before pleasure.

Ben went to visit the Casual Connect event in Tel Aviv, which is a great event bringing together the best people in the gaming industry with all kinds of tech-driven specialists. Companies who can help game publishers with their app distribution are also a big part of this event, so that’s why we decided to send Ben to Israel’s mediterranean metropolis.

Besides meeting some of our best partners, Ben enjoyed panels and sessions learning about the direction where the gaming industry is heading. Well, there were round about 1,500 gaming experts, over 700 companies, 30 nationalities, 100 speakers set to take part in one of the biggest gaming conferences in the world, so he had to learn something new, right? Some interesting new facts Ben shared with us are that YouTube users are 15 per cent more valuable than any other video platform users, and that in 2014 gaming companies from Israel garnered $300 million in funding and acquisitions.

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Spread the word

In the meetings, Ben had the chance to tell some of our international partners who had not attended dmexco what had been the the talk of the town a month ago in Cologne. He also spread the word that we are still growing and have welcomed two new team members recently who soon will visit industry events as well.

All in all, Ben met so many people and promoted Spyke Media so well that we decided to give him a week off. Well, not exactly, because he already had filed for his vacation, but we thought it would be a good way to vindicate that he will enjoy some days full of beautiful sunshine whereas the rest of the team has to admit that winter is coming pretty fast here in Germany.
Next year – and we will definitely be there next year – we might need to take the whole team to Tel Aviv. However, we are already looking forward to coming back and meet all the great people we met this year and also many more.

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