It’s great to see new ideas arise from the team that tries to understand and use potentials by combining solutions. Last year, we started internal testing under the assumption that performance marketing could work well in a chatbot environment. So we set out to test, first in stealth mode, and see what kind of results we could unearth. We were amazed and then started further internal tests. The results were so great that we decided, last summer, to launch our first chatbot marketing model, called CPB.

Chatbot Marketing launched in the Summer of 2017

Just in time for dmexco 2017, we had it ready to hit market. In this piece for Mobile Marketing Magazine, our consultant Joscha Aricatt explains the product and its benefits. Among the most interesting facts is the data reported on opening rates (80 per cent), click rates (35 per cent) and conversions (10 per cent and more).

Nominated for App Growth Awards

Subsequent to the launch, one of our highlights was definitely the nomination for the App Growth Award at the App Promotion Summit in Berlin for our chatbot marketing innovation last year.

Although we did not win in Berlin, it was an honour to be among the finalists. It was fantastic to see that our hard work had paid off and we are surely motivated to continue to thrive for new innovations and development, as well as taking this marketing method to the next level and optimising the overall performance of your digital marketing.

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