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we boost your chatbot performance


Grow your chatbot userbase

Spyke Media will help you expand your chatbot audience. We connect you to the relevant target groups and take your chatbot to the next level.
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Monetize your existing chatbot

With our CPB model (cost-per-bot event), we can turn your bot into a business. Downloads, transactions, orders – all KPIs can be defined and monetized within the chat.

Set your custom Performance KPI

The beauty of the CPB model: It allows you to set all performance parameters in a custom way. Whether it is a chat start, message, link click or downloads – we are able to operate according to the KPI that is most relevant for your success.

Our Offer to You

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Chatbot Concepts

Based on your defined chatbot strategy, we will establish a concept and will develop your actual bot to fit right into your digital brand profile.
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Strategic Consultation

Define with us the desired targets and KPIs for your chatbot activities, leading to an elaborate strategy to realize these parameters.
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Managed Services

As an experienced digital marketing company we will be your partner when it comes to managing the actual chatbots according to defined criteria.

Chatbots & Performance










CPB – Cost per Bot Event – is your success model for performance-based communication with identified target audiences through Facebook and many other channels. Exact targeting allows for measurable results and eradicates stray loss.
Benefit from CPB especially when planning:
• Direct response advertising
• Download and install based campaigns
• Sales and conclusion of contract
• Lead generation
• CPA/CPI/CPS campaigns

Chatbots & Branding


Chatbots allow you to connect with a pre-defined target group in an efficient way since there are no relevant stray losses

User Experience

Chatbots create a new level of customer experience that is driven by dialogue and content marketing


Brand awareness and brand recognition are significantly increased thanks to customer dialogue


Chatbots offer visibility and awareness in relevant target audiences over prolonged periods

 Why Chatbots?

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  • Chatbots are becoming an essential element of the modern mobile marketing agenda
  • This new channel allows for a private and very intimate relationship with the customer, since every customer can immediately respond to your messages
  • Build your base of highly relevant users. Once an interaction has taken place, you can reach each individual customer with the click of a button
  • Get any form of content right to the user’s home screen, be it pictures, videos or recommended products

Use Cases

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Lead Generation

Acquire and bind prospective leads with specifically designed chatbot strategies: This special targeting tool is an efficient way to increase and develop consumer interest in your product or service.
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Use chatbots to personalize your target’s shopping experience: With tailored suggestions and immediate response possibilities, you can benefit from this direct and intimate contact with your customers to boost online sales.
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Survey & Polls

Conduct and execute surveys or polls easily with your chatbots: This method allows for an undistorted and clear feedback without a lot of effort and expenses from your side.