This week, we were happy to read an inspiring article by Alex Genadinik on how to promote apps successfully. In our opinion, many people invent great apps – and then simply upload them to the stores without putting the necessary thought to the promotion and marketing side of the equation.

As Alex Genadinik argues – and as we can support from strong evidence with clients and people we meet on the Mobile Web – a diligent keyword research is a cornerstone to successfully marketing an application, as applies for all other forms of digital marketing. If you don’t know how to best come up with keywords, here’s the standard tool.

We would argue that it’s never too early and never too late for testing, and that you’re essentially never done testing. A study by Tapjoy shows that a keyword needs to be mentioned at least 5 times in the meta information for a successful promotion in search results.

Alex shows in the article what to do to achieve realistic goals. Besides the obvious keyword optimization, there may also be a strategy to succeed on alternative keywords, and Alex also highlights the role of Social Media and reviews for App Store promotion.

Also, the information in this great post is consistent with what we heard a while back at a very helpful workshop in Berlin.

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