A perk of being employed in mobile marketing? You get to travel to different trade shows and see different places around the world! A few weeks ago, our Mobile Marketing Manager Jason Zhang hopped on a plane to travel to China. There, he attended GMIC Beijing, the Global Mobile and Internet Conference known as global platform connecting innovators in technology, music and entertainment. GMIC, which takes place in different cities several times throughout the year, has become a must-attend event for people and companies passionate about technology and its latest trends.

During his stay in Beijing, Jason met different friends and partners of Spyke Media, Startapp, Ironsource, Matomy, Adjust, AppNext and Mobrand. On top of that, he also got in touch with many new people, expanding Spyke Media’s diverse worldwide network. The meetings and encounters he had led to interesting talks about all kinds of topics, paving the way for mutually beneficial partnerships and new things to work on in the future. “Attending GMIC is a great chance in terms of maintaining and developing existing and new business partners individually which helps to solve issues and answer questions more efficiently and effectively” says Jason. “Nowadays in mainland China, mobile marketing is vigorous and has been developing rapidly. Mobile payment has truly integrated into Chinese daily life. You can use a variety of apps to purchase any merchandise, taking taxi or pay your bills. No one is using cash anymore. Thus, mobile marketing has been incorporated in many companies’ marketing strategies, including Alipay and WeChat payment. We, as a leading mobile agency, offer the best monetization solution and assist our partners to unleash their mobile marketing power.”

We are looking forward to all the exciting things to come, with both old and new partners by our side. Until then, we are happy to provide you with some impressions of Jason’s experience at GMIC Beijing. If you are interested in exchanging some thoughts and ideas on whatever topic you have in mind, feel free to contact us.


GMIC Beijing

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