When it comes to playing games, people can get very serious. Who would like to lose after all?

Consider this: Activision Blizzard, one of the most established, yes: players, in the gaming industry acquires the mobile gaming experts King games for 5.9 billion US Dollars. A new entertainment giant is arising, the clear global leader of interactive entertainment.

Do you have any doubts about the power of mobile gaming and smartphone gaming apps? Just digest this one number: King, the inventor of Candy Crush (and the guys responsible for all those folks on subways staring at their small screens while there’s someone getting undressed next to them without noticing it) reported 474 million active monthly users on their mobile games in the third quarter of 2015.

And King is just one provider of successful gaming apps, albeit one of the biggest ones.

There’s plenty of evidence to suggest that the market we work in, mobile apps (and especially: mobile gaming apps), is guaranteed to provide a lot of fun for years to come. We at Spyke Media have long decided to play our part, helping app distributors reach sizeable audiences that actually do care about the products. We also believe that our publishers will have great numbers to be looking forward to if they focus on mobile gaming apps distribution.

Look at this:

SuperData forecast the global mobile gaming market to reach a revenue of 25.3 billion USD this year, and growing to 28.2 billion USD next year (up 11 per cent). Games, according to TalkingData, are by far the most engaging app category as measured in China – with twice as much time spent on them than on chat apps.

Note that growth is not happening easily. There’s consolidation in the market, and the big leaders are finding it harder to grow. But the overall market has vast potential, and a lot of new companies are currently mapping out strategies to massively push their games into those parts of the market not taken by King, Zynga etc.

The culminating point of all this is the Top charts on the app stores, be it Apple’s or Google’s Play or even the many alternative outlets for gaming apps on Android. Competition is strong, and providers are looking for the right strategy to get up on that stage and be noticed by users. We can help them achieve this position.

Gaming app providers will need to keep focusing on download volumes, but also need to intelligently focus target audiences and receive more meaningful feedback from the marketing data in order to fine-tune not only campaigns, but even their product. It’s a good time for mobile publishers if they have the audience – and most do – that features people who like to play mobile games.

Spyke Media’s portfolio features all sorts of gaming apps: We have arcade, puzzle, slots, social, strategy and more, they target all kinds of countries from global campaigns to such places as France, Korea and the United States, and we have Android as well as iOS gaming apps to distribute.

We’re really looking forward to every next day – because the mobile gaming industry offers us so many opportunities to show how we can help achieve brilliant app promotion results.

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