¡Hola! ¿Cómo estás? Well, that’s about all we took from the lingual perspective of this year’s Mobile World Congress. On the business side, Spyke Media enjoyed a great time in Barcelona meeting so many longtime partners as well making the acquaintance of so many new interesting people from all around the globe.

But let us start at the beginning. When we arrived on Friday, we had to manage the correct construction of our own booth at the App Planet. Although we rehearsed the set-up of the lightweight frame and wall construction back in our office in Cologne, we had to overcome some difficulties to get ready for the big show. Eventually, Frank and Ben managed to build it up perfectly on the day before the event but they definitely did not score a record time. Nevertheless, they deserve a lot of credit because the booth looked great.

The rest of the team then flew in on Monday and managed to get to the fair without any delays. Well, at least when you don’t count taking a bus to Terminal 1 which will then pass Terminal 2 – where we took the bus to T1 – as a delay. After arriving at the fair, our team saw some great new developments. One thing which stood out to almost all of us was the upcoming solutions for virtual reality. Yes, we think this will also enable new ad formats and so will drive even our business of app promotion or mobile marketing in general. We tried out some weird things like the mobile app driven tooth brush your teeth we spoke about during our recap of day 2.

The next few days we managed to find a great balance between business, networking, some beers and sleep. Okay, we have to admit sleep was not our first priority as we enjoyed great food and drinks with the best people in our industry on several occasions. Mobile World Congress always feels like a big family reunion and so we did our best to appreciate it.

After the last day of MWC, Frank and Martin set a record time for deconstructing the booth (this, admittedly, was only the second attempt), wrap and store it and then went for their road trip back to Germany on the next morning. All in all, we counted more than 300 business cards which were handed out to us. We have set the goal to get back to everyone as soon as possible and are already looking forward to next year’s Mobile World Congress. By the way, we are still in search for new team members who’d like to join us in driving our business, so you might find some of these jobs attractive.

Gracias por su atención from your Spyke Media team.

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