• Personal meeting crucial for Spyke Media and Deutsche Welle cooperation

• Spyke Media scrutinized app’s marketing plans and achieved analysis based on test campaign

• Results: Deutsche Welle app climbed in app store charts, yet team also received important feedback for future app marketing and also gathered insights to limits of campaigning

download your PDF here - German version below

download your PDF here – German version below

“Working with Spyke Media has been very constructive because the team helped us implement our international app marketing strategy, and understood what could be achieved and what couldn’t. This personal level of cooperation is very valuable in today’s highly segmented mobile marketing market.“ JÖRG BREDENBECK, Marketing Manager, Deutsche Welle


The first contact between Deutsche Welle and Spyke Media came after Jörg Bredenbeck, Marketing Manager of Deutsche Welle, had done specific research on app promoters and came across the website of Spyke. After initial talks, both parties agreed on meeting personally, because that is always a key factor when it comes to providing a custom-fit consultation. So in February 2015 the two companies met in Spyke’s office in Cologne. At the meeting, Bredenbeck introduced the Deutsche Welle news app to Spyke’s team and learned about ways in which Spyke Media could help fine-tune the mobile marketing campaigns and the success of the app. As a result of this meeting, they agreed on a cooperation and decided to start the promotion when the app was ready to be put to a sizeable campaign. As India is one of the focus markets for the German news provider, Spyke and Deutsche Welle agreed on testing their app marketing in that country. Thanks to the global partnerships of Spyke, India is a market Spyke could easily campaign in for their new Bonn-based partner.


After agreeing on the country, Spyke reviewed the market and put the marketing materials to scrutiny in order to optimize the chances to improve installs. During a two-month long phase of intensive consultation, Spyke Media’s team provided market insights to Deutsche Welle and thus prepared for important changes in the way the app was promoted. In the process, Spyke Media provided suggestions for alternative versions of marketing materials to attain better results. Furthermore, both sides defined and reviewed detailed tracking information including all relevant events tracked in the app. This led to even more detailed insights which helped Spyke to optimize the initial campaign.


At the beginning of June, Spyke Media drove a 3-day test campaign to optimize the way the app would be promoted on a large scale. Afterwards, the actual campaigns ran from June 22 to July 15. During this phase, the DW app rose from below rank 500 to 65 among the news apps offered for Android devices in India. On the iOS, the app rose from 450 to 7th position in the news section in the country. As agreed with Deutsche Welle, Spyke did not concentrate on ‘boosting’ the campaign to the limit, although they would have had the chance to get the app into an Android top ten ranking at that time. “We decided to focus on quality installs instead of a voluminous amount of reach, because Deutsche Welle relies on long term engagement when it comes to their app”, says Heike Burr, General Manager of Spyke Media. Across both platforms, the user retention values improved markedly as a result of the effort. Although these are positive results, Spyke Media also took care that Deutsche Welle would clearly understand the limitations of this campaign type. Spyke Media argued that it was unadvisable to continue the iOS campaign since, according to analysis, the results would be unsustainable and the risks of the campaign too high. With this differentiated feedback as a result of the cooperation, Deutsche Welle and their marketing department could complement their own specific app promotion strategy and consider this detailed information in its upcoming app promotion campaigns.


As a result of Spyke Media’s intensive consultation and app promotion efforts, the DW news app jumped to a top 10 position on iOS in India. Yet the team also outlined that chart success should not come at all costs and advised against continuing campaigning to maintain the balance between app visibility and sustainability of the installs. These were differentiated results that help understand market potentials much better than simple promises of success that abound in the market. A crucial part in this successful campaign had been the information provided by Deutsche Welle coming from their detailed tracking results. Advertisers who are willing to share this information with Spyke will get more detailed advice on their campaign optimization.

“In our view it is important to not only take a digital campaign and put it on the networks, but to meet in person, provide individual consultation, react flexibly to the actual results and be as close as possible to mobile app providers and advertisers. We believe that even in the digital age it is important to shake hands, sit down together and identify and review realistic objectives“ HEIKE BURR, General Manager & Co-Founder, Spyke Media

German PDF of Case Study

Download German PDF here – English at the top

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