In a World With More Mobile Devices Than Toothbrushes

“I love to work in a dynamic and always developing sector which provides new challenges on a daily basis”. Sounds like a standard phrase that your communications guy suggests you to answer the question: Why you are working in the mobile sector, right? Well, in my opinion the mobile sector is truly packed with opportunities and innovations and the recent impressions of the performance marketing conference a4u expo from Tobias Allgeyer really drive home this point.

Copyright: Alliance

Copyright: Alliance

As Allgeyer said, we are heading into an exciting era of performance marketing. The keyword, with which we are very familiar at SPYKE, is mobile. Fact is: There are more mobile devices than toothbrushes in use, which leads to the point where SEO, SEA and affiliate marketing melt. We at SPYKE support the idea that it is not about reaching out to the individual channels, but about the interplay of them altogether. And the main change is: Every campaigner should plan his marketing strategy from a customer’s point of view. That is what we do and strongly believe in, just like Tobias Allgeyer does.

All in all, what I wanted to point out is that SPYKE is constantly evolving to keep up with the dynamic market changes in the mobile sector.  And as you hopefully have noticed through my short post, we are back these types of phrases up.

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