Interview: Welcome on board, Martin!

We’re proud to introduce our new team member Martin Rohrmoser. He just joined Spyke Media as our Business Development Manager. Find out what Martin does for us and what his background is in this Q&A.

Martin, what’s your job at SPYKE?

As the new Business Development Manager at SPYKE, my job is to acquire new potential clients and partners as well as to take care of our existing ones. Therefore one of my main tasks is to take care of all the work regarding our presence at fairs, exhibitions and conferences around the globe. This comes along with choosing the right events for SPYKE, preparing the equipment needed as well as the coordination of meetings to get in touch with other participants and talk about how to build a successful collaboration together. Besides of that I will also take care of incoming inquiries and double check with the potential partners and clients before passing them to the right team member.

How would you describe yourself in terms of being a member of this team?

Well, thinking about SPYKE as a football team, I would be the midfield player who tries to win the ball, which would be new clients in our case, and pass it to my right team members – such as the Media Buyers or Affiliate Managers – after having double checked that the lane for my pass is free, which in our example would be clarifying the business conditions, IO, Terms etc. so that they can score a goal for us.

Why did you choose to work with SPYKE?

I liked the idea of working together with a multicultural team within a startup atmosphere surrounded by constant growth. To see this growth happen and being part of it is what made me decide to work for SPYKE. Moreover, I literally absorb almost every bit of news in the global tech and startup scene, especially regarding web and mobile based business models. I wanted to intensify my knowledge within the mobile advertising industry and see how things are working there.

What’s your background?

I’ve studied Business Administration in Cologne and Indonesia specializing in product marketing, psychology and media management. Right after graduation, I gained my first professional experience as an EXIST scholarship holder. The next two years I worked for a global provider of language and educational travels in the area of sales & marketing. Then I gathered some experience in the tech scene while managing the creation and development process of two mobile applications.

We always like to shift away after some questions on the professional background, so please tell us what makes you smile when entering your office?

Usually I’m a ‘happy nature’ and cheerful person. So even in the early mornings expect to see me in a positive mood without a particular reason. That’s probably just me. Of course it’s also great being surrounded by colleagues who are easygoing and like to laugh and play some music in the morning to get a smile on your face.

What’s your favorite app and why?

Tough question. Well, as I’m really a huge sports fan I must admit that I am actually using the SPORT1 app to keep in touch with all the latest sports news out there. I also read my news via Feedly. When it comes to the most favorite in terms of cool to use I would say it‘s Snapchat. I like its usability a lot and I like that it gives the user much space for being creative while communicating with friends.

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