Allow us to introduce a fond traveler with a colorful CV and great ambitions for Spyke Media: Doran Carmeli. Doran recently joined our team as part of the office in his hometown, Tel Aviv. He is Mobile Marketing Manager for our company and joined the team after 1.5 years at another mobile affiliate marketing company in Israel.

“Building and maintaining relationships in a meaningful way is a great job”, Doran says. He’s not only good at connecting to publishers and advertisers, but also at spotting opportunities. Doran has prior experience in criminal investigations and studied Criminology as well as Behavioral Science. “Spotting patterns and trends were some of the qualities I learned”, he says.

After starting his professional career in a non-profit environment, Doran worked in real estate and insurance agencies, the latter in support of his father’s business. “But I saw that the digital sphere is much better for me”, Doran explains.

Today, he enjoys the team spirit and international course set by Spyke Media – and he also combines it with personal lifestyle. He loves traveling, spending time with his girlfriend and friends in European countries, snowboarding at various spots in the winter. In the long run, Doran could imagine moving to Berlin, his favorite spot in Europe.

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