Meet Manila-Based Accounting Specialist Karla Piangco

Karla Piangco, our Manila-based accounting specialist, was a little excited when she started working for Spyke recently. She wondered what the cultural differences would be. After all, she’s a native resident of the Philippines, working out of the tropical country’s capital – and she had joined an employer from quite a different, colder part of the world. “I was expecting the culture to be very different, and honestly thought the Westerners might turn out a bit stiff”, she remembers. But it became quite different: “This company and the people are really fun to be with – and in that regard the work really isn’t any different than working for local companies.”

Karla, a graduate of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines, is the new Manila-based accountant of Spyke Media. That means she handles incoming invoices from publishers as well as billing advertisers. She works in sync with the company headquarters in Cologne, which is easily possible thanks to a variety of communication channels and software tools. She’s also there to clarify issues and answer with information to partners. The numbers need to be correct, the information accurate – that is the essence of her work.

She’s new to the mobile industry, but Karla says that the numbers game really isn’t any different from the clients she worked for prior. Her first stage after University was accounting in a tax advisory firm where she worked for a variety of customers, among them doctors and also a startup where she established the financial process.

Looking for a new job, she turned down offers from two large corporations with international prestige and decided to get on board at Spyke Media. “They were fast in telling me that they wanted me, and they convinced me that there’s a lot to learn and do in a smaller company.” So, Karla will not be doing just tasks 1, 2 and 3, but rather help optimize the accounting in more flexible ways when her Cologne-based boss asks her to.

Though Karla has no professional experience in mobile marketing, as a part of the digital native generation she has a natural understanding of digital and mobile tech. The two apps she uses the most are Twitter and Instagram. But in general, she likes to try and experiment with mobile apps. To relax, she sits down and watches funny videos and Volleyball games on TV. She mostly follows the college league and professional league, and her favorite team is Ateneo WVT.

Karla has not been to Germany, so she’s definitely looking forward to seeing the home country of Spyke anytime soon. The one thing she wonders about the most: “I hear so much about Germans drinking incredible amounts of beer. I’d like to see if this is really true.” Well, what shall we say?

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