Spyke Media is currently looking for a Mobile Marketing Manager CPA. So, we wanted to know a little more about the positon and sat down with Ivette Ferrer Garcia who’s been part of our team since last fall.

Ivette, can you tell us a little bit about the role of a Mobile Marketing Manager CPA?
Sure, my focus here at Spyke is on the publisher’s side, my job is to help publishers make the most profit from their traffic and monetize advertiser’s best offers. We work as a team to handle both the demands of our mobile advertisers and the publishers that have the traffic to promote mobile offers. We have some specialists here at Spyke, that focus on the CPA business from sales, advertiser and publisher manager to mediabuyers. This is mobile performance marketing where each decision leads to make the most profits. This model is used by our partners promoting mobile valued added service or mobile content services that are typically billed via the mobile carrier.

Do you have a typical workday?
Yes, I think so, but in this business you never know, it’s a bit crazy sometimes and that’s also fun. My typical day consists of checking correspondence in emails and Skype in the morning and do changes accordingly. Sometimes this is a lot and it does take a few hours because we have a vast international network and people mail me regardless the time difference, be it from China, Australia, India or the US. After reacting directly, I constantly monitor the performance of accounts and campaigns in our tracking system. Based on this analysis, I approach our partners and give them advise in order to optimize the results of their mobile marketing efforts. Intermittently throughout the day I will approach individual partners with ideas in order to better capitalize the possibilities of Spyke’s network.

Sounds like you’re staring at the screen a lot…
Oh yes, this is a natural part of the business. You need to be able to see the trends, act accordingly, help partners get the most out of our network of offers. It’s a lot of mailing and skyping. I also send out newsletters and reports to drive activity. However, it’s very rewarding because at the end you develop strong and friendly relationships with your partners and at the end you have the same goal, that potentiates a lot the partnership.

Do you ever get to leave the office?
Sure. It’s part of the deal to travel to trade shows. There’s a lot of party there, I think the industry is known for its fun events. But you don’t necessarily have to be a party animal to work in the business. I’m rather shy sometimes and I think that professional and reliable service is key to succeed.

Tell us about your own background…
I studied advertising and public relations in Barcelona. After that, I started working in communications agencies. In March 2015, I joined Billy Mobile, a Spanish affiliate marketing platform. I moved on to Spyke Media last fall because I had met the team a few times and I was convinced that this was going to be a really exciting and challenging opportunity. Turns out this is absolutely right.

Have we caught your interest? If you’re curious about this job and fancy working in a young and fun team, apply here and become part of Spyke Media! We are looking forward to getting to know you.

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