Meet Jimmaleen de Silva, our new Full Stack Developer

A lot of changes are currently happening in Jimmaleen de Silva’s life, but it definitely seems like she’s enjoying them. A change in the web development tools she works with, different syntaxes, and quite a different overall system to put her programming skills to work, Jimmaleen is happy that she’s now a part of Spyke’s mobile performance marketing team in Manila, the Philippines. “There’s a lot of new stuff, a lot of new lessons – but I’ll be getting the hang of it.”

A quiet person, she wouldn’t run around announcing what impact she can have on Spyke’s overall architecture. But she will be taking a key role. “My main task is to make daily routines easier for our team, especially for our analyst that safeguards integrity and defends our network from fraud”, she says. On a recent visit to Cologne, where she paid visits to the historic Cathedral and many other Old Town churches, she opened up about her career, her skills and her job. “I’m really happy to join a rather small but very flexible company where I can shape a lot of things.”

Supporting the whole team

She joined Spyke Media after one the team members of our Philippines office contacted her about the opportunity. Spyke Media had articulated the need for a specialist to realize a shift from downloadable files for internal and external use to a full-blown, web-based system that eases account management and communication with clients. “Beyond that, I will be supporting our whole team when they have issues that coding can help overcome or improve.”

Her professional background is clearly focused on solutions development. But she’s come quite a way to land with Spyke Media. Born and raised in the more quiet province of Mindoro a 1 hour ferry and 2 hour land trip from Manila, Jimmaleen studied at the Divine World College of Calapan, where she graduated in Electronic and Communications Engineering. On her first job after that she focused on quality assurance. Most recently, she had been working with an international company providing navigation solutions. “This was a solutions developer position”, Jimmaleen looks back at the 4.5 years handling a wide variety of IT projects in that software-focused environment.

“I like to sleep”

“What I love about my job is that people really appreciate my help”, Jimmaleen says. And she knows that sometimes it’s difficult to understand each other – when an IT person and a marketing professional connect, for instance. She’s ready to make a lot of connections and translations in order to help.

Talking about her private life, Jimmaleen takes some time to think, and laugh. “I like to sleep”, she says. She enjoys sleeping to recover and also just for the fun of it. She doesn’t have a hard time doing it, for instance on the plane to Germany. Apart from that, it seems like she follows a very modest approach. She enjoys watching historic documentaries and playing games. But you won’t hear her make a big fuzz of it.

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