Van Basten 1988, Big Mac team 1992 or first ever Golden Goal 1996 – if these three milestones stir something in your mind, you’re probably a big fan of football and can’t wait for the EURO 2016 to start. Since we are a Germany-based company, football fever has caught us once again and we think it is about time to combine our great expertise (well, at least we’re convinced) with our profession of mobile marketing. At the end we have come up with a list of five apps that every football fan should have a look at before France and Romania kick it off on June 10, 2016. So here we go with our five app recommendations for this year’s UEFA European Football Championship.

EURO 2016 (official UEFA app)
Our recommendations start with the official app licensed by the European football body UEFA, which provides way more than just scores and schedules. Upon starting the app for the first time you choose the team you support. The app will subsequently filter news and scores according to your choice, which obviously should be Germany as they are going to win it all. Besides of articles you can also navigate through the app and find out everything about the sports venues where the games will be played. Adding to it, you can check out the fancy official song for the Euro from star DJ David Guetta.
At this point we must ask you to accompany us on a short detour, as we declare the best official European Championship song ever. While England usually underachieves at the football part of a big tournament, they delivered by far the best song when the Euro was played in England in 1996. If you’re into football – you probably are because you read this article – go check it out here!

While the official app presents a vast collection of features, OneFootball clearly focuses on game day action. This app has all the scores you need and provides you with the most important information. Who scored? Is my team going to the round of 16? Did our hometown hero Lukas Podolski receive his well-deserved chance to play? Editor’s note: The last question shouldn’t even be a question as Poldi is always a great choice. OneFootball covers all these questions and is updated in real time. Usually they also provide a great live ticker which is a good way to follow a game while you are on the go.

On the go is a brilliant entry to our next app recommendation, Snapchat. Why? Well, because what is more engaging than a Snap from inside a stadium during a big game? But: You might wonder why we list Snapchat as a must-have app for the upcoming Euro. There are two reasons for that. First reason is that you clearly cannot leave out Snapchat in any app recommendation article right now as it is still the hottest app out there. The second and much more reasonable argument for Snapchat is that there are terrific game day stories curated by Snapchat. These stories will deliver a great sense of the atmosphere inside the stadiums. And you also might have some friends attending a game who will share their experience on their very own Snapchat stories.

Euro 2016 Football Magazine
Speaking of stories, our next app helps out with that as well. At a time when digital media outlets blast out a new story every second this cool app aggregates content for you and flanks them with social media voices and pictures. Euro 2016 Football Magazine is not an official UEFA product but it delivers content from established mediums such as BBC, Guardian, ESPN or even directly from the different national football associations. Furthermore, they select interesting Instagram posts and suiting tweets that support their storytelling. This app combines fun articles with an easy user interface and simple but great app design. After testing it, we ended up watching videos of all the teams through the app and debating every goal of the European Qualifiers.

The last app is a bonus tip by us which will only be valuable for people who are familiar with the German language, yet we wanted to give credit to the guys who built this very cool app so we decided to include it. ticr is an app that provides its users the chance to be a live sports journalist. What does that mean? With ticr, people can write their own live tickers including pictures or audio files from their smartphones. So if you are one of the people who always complain about the commentary, you should definitely have a look at this app. Right now the app is only available in German but we can’t think of a reason why there couldn’t be some English tickers during the Euro.
We hope that our selection of apps will make the EURO 2016 even better for you. To end this blogpost, we’d like to quote one of the most iconic footballers, Gary Lineker, because this guy once explained football in two simple sentences: “Football is a simple game. Twenty-two men chase a ball for 90 minutes and at the end, the Germans always win.”

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