It’s long time for this new introduction to a new member of our team – this time from our office in Israel. We would like to present to you our new sales manager, Liad Pitcho, who’s in charge of our Tel Aviv Mobile marketing sales.

Having started as a reactivation manager for Spyke Media in August 2017, he has now joined our sales team, working on both the advertiser and the publisher side. With almost 7 years of experience from different companies and positions around the world (Spain, the States and in Israel), this 25-year-old is now a driving force behind anything sales related here at Spyke.

“Instead of studying I dedicated my time to work and gain actual experience”, he says. The know-how our Tel Aviv Mobile Marketing specialist Liad gained from his experience working as an account, distribution, and affiliate sales manager sure is a valuable asset to, and resource for, our team.

“Sales is all about chemistry, human relations and determination. Those are the strongest sales assets you can possess and that is exactly what I would like to contribute to Spyke Media“.

When he is not working, Liad likes to spend his time with his biggest passion: skateboarding. “From friends to clothes to travelling: skateboarding is so much more than a hobby – it is my way of life”. From time to time, Liad likes to retreat into nature, where he is often found camping with his friends and enjoying a cool beer.

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