There’s a new person working behind the scenes at Spyke Media. Allow us to welcome and introduce Ann-Christin Müller, the latest addition to our headquarters in Germany. Ann-Christin joined Spyke Media in October as a “Trainee on the Job”, which is part of her studies in General Management at EUFH, a Düsseldorf-based college. In this education program, she has two study days and three workdays per week, all of which are being also split hybridly between time on campus and time at home. While this would be a big issue for older people, Ann-Christin considers this normal: “It’s the way I’ve started working and how my life after school has been, so I’m used to it and know that a mix of digital and real world offers you a lot of efficiency”, she says.

Wide range of experiences

Ann-Christin Müller chose Spyke Media because the company offers her a wide range of experiences to be made. Digital marketing and collaboration in an international team will be important fields for her to gather insights. At this point, she’s mostly working in the back office, e.g. helping with the application process for job openings and human resources development. Gradually, the Spyke Media team shares what they are doing and will involve Ann-Christin in additional tasks. “As far as I can see now, the works of this company are really complex. Everyone seems to be highly specialized, yet they all are part of a bigger mechanism and really work together”, Ann-Christin says.

A tough position to play

Fond of team play, Ann-Christin plays the clarinet in a few ensembles and big bands. She doesn’t really enjoy the practice part at home by herself. Her favorite way to spend time, however, is with her handball team. A big fan of the successful Bundesliga team “Rhein-Neckar Lions”, Ann-Christin also plays the sport herself. She does so in a position where you can’t hide: her position is at the circle, where a lot of pushing and shoving is part of the game. “It feels like I’m on the ground about 90 per cent of the time”, Ann-Christin says, but it sounds like this rough part really amuses her. Good to know she’s prepared for exhausting days as well.
Welcome, Ann-Christin!

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