The odds won’t be too high when you bet that only a very small part of people working as a mobile marketing manager have experience in hospital work. But for our new colleague, Bellamy Rix Sanchez, helping people when it matters the most is not just a value; it’s the profession he studied. Holding a Bachelor of Science in nursing, ‘Bella’ did in fact go through a formal education that included practical stints at the clinic.

Fast forward a few years and you meet this native of Manila, the Philippines, as he starts his new job as a Mobile Marketing Manager for the team of German company with international operations and a growing base in the Philippines. Even though Bella has long left his field of studies, he still thinks back of what he learned, especially during the Pandemic. And he also sees a very important professional assets he learned when he studied nursing: “The most important thing is to help people when they are in urgency”, Bellamy says, “and I think that this is a good training for working with partners that also need to be assisted to optimize their commercial success.” As a Mobile Marketing Manager, Bella connects the demands and requests from both Advertiser and Publisher sides and tries to share best practices as well as shoulder his part of increasing Spyke’s commercial success. “I believe that communication is the foundation of succeeding”, he adds.

The past few years weren’t always easy. Bella had actually planned to work in advertising all along, but the nursing studies were the more reasonable alternative as the market provided bleak outlooks for his preferred field. Bellamy never worked as a nurse after graduating, but rather moved on to customer service. His switch into the advertising world started in 2018, when he went to Art of Click, into mobile marketing. In his recent position, he took care of social advertising, but this came to a halt due to the Pandemic hitting the economy with a full blow. Managing to get through with his skills as a freelancer, he was introduced to Spyke Media through his personal network. Now, he’s happy to work with German colleagues for the first time in his life.

Bella likes to relax while cooking, and really enjoys the company of Regina. She is a tiny 2-year-old mix of Pomeranian-Chihuaha, a happy but peaceful little dog to spend time with. Walking Regina is also a welcome distraction from home-office routines. The big hobby Bella is longing to finally return to, however, is quite extraordinary. “I look at faces and bodies and have ideas on how to turn them more interesting, more beautiful”, Bella says. He puts this talent to work as a hair and make-up artist for beauty pageants. Bella has built quite a reputation. When there’s a Miss Universe show or similar coming up, he’ll get bookings to take care of six, seven, sometimes eight girls. “I feel like an octopus on those days”, he says. It’s a great hobby, and Bella enjoys seeing the results of his work on TV.

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