Although Eliezer Lopez, 33, made his latest career move within the same industry he had worked in over the recent years, he has encountered a significantly different task to master at his new company. “I enjoy the new challenge, a big challenge, because I have to keep track of demand and supply at the same time, and make sure that our clients on both sides of the game are happy”, Eliezer says. “Essentially, I work to generate and keep up the trust.” He joined Spyke Media’s office in the Philippines last month and takes on the role of Mobile Marketing Manager.

In this new position, Eliezer is looking to expand and optimize the supply side. He focuses on quality from publishers while matching these traffic resources dynamically with the demands of Spyke Media’s advertisers. “Brands and agencies are becoming more and more sensitive”, Eliezer recognizes. This means that the level of quality provided on the supply side becomes a unique proposition that Spyke can offer to these partners. “My job is to communicate well and make sure that we deliver on our promises”, Eliezer says. This entails a lot of calls and messaging, and it asks for focused analysis of key indicators that Eliezer compiles into regular, detailed reports.

Eliezer Lopez has gathered more than four years of experience in the mobile marketing world. But this happened after a big shift. A graduate of Electronics and Communications Engineering from Virgen Milagrosa University Foundation, he initially worked as an Engineer. In Taiwan, he worked on touchscreen panels and similar technology. Back in the Philippines, closer to his family, he encountered an offer from Art of Click, a competitor of Spyke Media, and developed a taste for the business. He advanced quickly, adding more responsibilities on the advertiser side.

Privately, he describes himself as a family guy. He and his wife, a nurse, have a kid. As the Corona virus is keeping them grounded, they love to spend the night watching Netflix series, and Eliezer also enjoys animes. Without the Corona restrictions, he is a fond traveler and likes to share these experiences with his wife. They have traveled to a lot of spots in the Philippines and Southeast Asia. New on the bucket list: a visit in Cologne, the German home city of Spyke Media.


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