A graduate that enjoys learning by doing

Meet Lena Worring, our new product and digital marketing manager

Although Lena Worring, 23, admits to not being a real morning person, there’s no problem chatting with her via Hangout at around 9 am. A positive, energetic woman with roots in the rural Westerwald region of Western Germany, she’s the most recent addition to Spyke Media’s growing international team. After more than a year as a part-time student supporting our team, Lena has now moved up and become a full-time product and digital marketing manager at Spyke. She’s looking forward also to moving into our Headquarters, having spent most of her work-time at home in remote working mode.

Onboarding wasn’t a problem, though. Spyke has long been growing not only based on physical presence, but by weaving a network internationally and via digital conferencing. “The experience of working with the international team, speaking English as the common language in everyday business and getting new tasks all the time have convinced me to make Spyke my first regular job”, Lena says. This summer, she will graduate from Cologne Business School, finishing her Master studies in General Management where she specialized in Marketing. Before that, Lena had received a Bachelor’s degree from Hochschule Koblenz, an applied sciences college.

“As much as I enjoyed studying, working is a very different set-up and most practical things were completely new to me when I started here last year”, Lena says. She brings in-depth knowledge, an analytical mindset and strategic approach. The practical aspects of marketing measurement, digital tools and technical terms, however, are things she keeps picking up as she works with her teammates. “I remember when everyone was talking about API and I had no idea what it meant”, Lena says. The team, she adds, has been doing a brilliant job of getting her up to speed in these matters so that she can unfold her potential. And so, guided by our CEO Frank, it was a no-brainer for Lena to accept Spyke’s offer that was made late in 2020.

“It is great to work across fields and receive new tasks permanently”, Lena says. She supports the digital marketing side of our business, and she also shoulders responsibilities in the product management of one of Spyke’s own apps for the Southeast Asian markets. “I’m happy to be able to try so many things and really get to learn by doing”, Lena says.

Today, Lena lives in Cologne, one of Germany’s four big cities with more than a million inhabitants. She enjoys the urban life, the options of going to a bar when the Covid situation allows it, or meet up with some of her friends from University. Yet she still has a second side to her character, hailing from small-town, rural Germany where public transport was virtually inexistent and the local kids had a hard time finding night-life options. As much as she wanted to move to a big city, she also keeps a certain love for that region and the regional festivities.

Lena Worring does not like to get up early. One of her big hobbies is skiing, which she prefers to do in Austria. She likes cooking and is happy that she can get inspired by apps such as Cookiedoo or Pamela Reif’s recipe ideas. For her as a digital native, screen time is not limited, but she likes to keep quality instead of quantity. She critically removes all programs that play no part in her life, she has a clean home screen policy, puts apps into folders. The most important app for her? “It’s Spotify for music and podcasts. I have it on all the time.”

Welcome, Lena!

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