Allow us to introduce a structured mind with a strong sense of opportunity: Tuna Dipcin recently joined the Spyke Media headquarters in Cologne and has taken on the role of Business Development Manager. “I used to work with Spyke as a customer and I already had a great relationship with the team back then. Now it’s a perfect fit to join them at this stage of my career.”

A native of Turkey, Tuna graduated from Bogazici University and received a degree in Management. One of his areas of focus, already during his years enrolled in academia, was to help startups grow. As a student, he was one of the key people of the transformation of Computer Engineering Club into the IT Society, focusing on startups and creating bridges with the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Istanbul. “This was the first student club that really worked with startups, as a startup, and the club created born-global startups. It was quite sexy at the time.” He also experienced the challenges, founding and crashing his first own startup in 2008.

Tuna Dipcin Spyke Media

After graduation, Tuna gathered experience in the startup sector. He joined Turkey’s largest accelerator and helped organize their events. “This was fun work because I generally get in touch with people easily and so I could help founders in the important networking part”, Tuna remembers. In 2016, Tuna switched to marketing, and then he joined App Samurai, a young company that quickly grew from 5 to 60 people.

His latest stage is working with Spyke. In business development, Tuna Dipcin takes the responsibility of establishing relationships across the board. “This includes a lot of challenges, as the industry has lost trust”, Tuna explains. Therefore, he believes establishing trustful personal relationships with clients is crucial. “We need to bring across the fact that we are doing our job in a very consistent way although the ecosystem may be inconsistent.”

Privately, Tuna enjoys the fact that he is now living in Cologne. He clears his head walking through the city’s parks and along the Rhine bank. However, he’s not too active with sightseeing. Tuna Dipcin prefers playing various computer games. At the weekend, he can easily sink into multi-hour strategy game sessions. And as most Turkish guys do, he has a passion for soccer, supporting the Istanbul side of Besiktas.

Welcome Tuna!

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