“The customer is king”. This is a well-known credo which sees fulfilling customers’ expectations as overall priority for a company’s success. However, you cannot solely rely on your customers to guarantee lasting success. But since they play a major role, it is necessary to think of ways to improve customer relations in times of the mobile shift. We at Spyke Media took the time to sum up three useful tips how apps can improve business around your customers.

1) Customer acquisition

According to research by VuMa, Online shopping is gaining in popularity day by day. Products are almost directly accessible and easy to order. Also, the customer-friendly return and exchange conditions are an additional incentive and of course the lower prices draw even more customers. By providing an app, customers can shop wherever and whenever they want. Not only does this reduce purchase barriers but also improves customer satisfaction.

2) Customer retention

Loyalty cards are a popular way to increase customer retention at the point of sale. Customers are drawn by tailor-made offers and auspicious bonus programs. Yet, an everlasting problem is the fact that those loyalty cards are often seen as inconvenient and are left at home because of insufficient space in the customers’ wallets. Here, an app offers an easy and modern solution. According to comScore, around 49 Mn people in Germany own a smartphone that accompanies them almost every day. Therefore, a user-friendly app is a good way to bring the bonus program to your customers and increases the likelihood of purchases.

3) Customer communication

Due to the increasing popularity of Social Media, messengers gain in importance and open up new ways for companies to communicate with their customers. A survey by Bitkom indicates that 70% of those surveyed used a messaging-app within the last four weeks. This shows how important messengers have become for our daily communication, especially among younger people. Certainly, they are an effective tool for companies to conveniently interact with potential customers.

As these three paragraphs show there are plenty of cases in which apps drive the success of your communication towards your customers. Mainly because you cut corners in terms of avoiding media disruption and making things easier for consumers. Now it’s time to get your app on your customer’s devices and that’s where we at Spyke should come into play.

So if your business is ready to go mobile, we’d be happy to get this message out and help you attracting users for your app.

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