Back for good. This is not meant to be a reminiscence to the well-known Take That song from the Nineties. We are just happy that we’ll be back in Tel Aviv next week to attend Mobile Monetization Summit in one of the most beautiful cities of the world and a mobile marketing metropolis. As you might have read in our blog, we enjoyed another visit in ‘the White City’ at the end of October and had the chance to connect casually with top-notch companies of the tech industry.

This time it’s an even more specific mobile monetization event as the name indicates by itself. We will be happy to showcase Spyke’s ways to promote mobile websites, generate app users or in general making money out of mobile products. Getting to know advertisers as well as publishers which are able to benefit from our solutions, is one of the best parts of our upcoming trip to Israel. Well, we also like the parties and the drinks, but we rather keep that out of our blogposts.

If you or your company is there too, we would love to get in contact with you and schedule a meeting so we can share our ideas for the future of mobile monetization. Here is an easy way to catch up with us at Mobile Monetization Summit on 15 of December:

See you there, cause we will come back for good.

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