We are happy to introduce our very first student trainee here at Spyke Media: Björn Classen. While still studying at the Rheinische Fachhochschule Köln, he helps us to build our influencer marketing sector during his practical segments. Björn handles all of our influencer/social media campaigns and sees to it, that they are combined with our main focus: performance. This can range from CPI to download numbers or simply research and analysis.

We are constantly developing our business and Björn plays an integral part in extending our range. “I think that today’s influencer marketing is becoming more important, because consumption of social media starts earlier. Especially YouTube has replaced the children’s series, which is why this is also a growing market for product placements. You can see that more and more companies are investing in influencer marketing and that it is quite successful.” This is an important factor, especially because we see the performance marketing industry going more and more towards this trend as well. “I think that we will experience a strong development, as many advertisers become more interested in the ROI behind it”. In short, Björn’s job is to find the perfect influencer with the matching audience for the right clients and their campaigns.

He has already been travelling for Spyke as well, first to the influencer marketing day in Berlin, and then to the OMR gathering in Hamburg. But Björn is not just a social media fan in his business life. He is also quite active privately, with a watchful eye for news and trends. “I am always open for everything new and love to discover things – and this helps with what I do at Spyke as well”. From time to time, however, he likes to take a time-out from FB and Co. and enjoys a nice gaming session. If he is not in front of the computer screen, he can be found studying Japanese or travelling the world.

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