Let’s introduce a self-pronounced “workaholic” who likes to take it easy in her free time. Sheily Lee joined the Spyke Media team almost half a year ago as an Industrial Trainee and is set to stay on board as a full-time account manager.

Although Sheily Lee is nominally a student member of our team, her CV and her network offer evidence that she has wide professional experience and a lot to offer to her team and her business partners. Sheily comes from Malaysia, where she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and a Master of Business Administration. She gained professional experience first as a Business Analyst and as a Financial Analyst. Then, she worked more than three years in the field of mobile marketing as a Media Buyer. That is also where she got acquainted with Spyke Media and established good relationships with the team.

Sheily Lee enrolled in Educational Technology

In 2017, Sheily decided to go for another level of experience. “It was my dream to study again in a foreign country and this is how I ended up in Germany.” With affordable fees and an attractive program to study for the Master’s degree at the University of Saarland, Sheily enrolled in Educational Technology. Over the recent months, she’s been working on her thesis, which is now being reviewed. While working on this scientific project, Sheily decided it was time to add more professional experience and approached Spyke Media. Formally a trainee, she does work with full responsibility and adds a lot of value to her team. “I enjoy the culture here, it’s very open and I get a lot of help”, she says, “but I can also put in a lot from my end and help the whole company.”

“I’m kind of lazy at home”

Sheily speaks Chinese and English, which makes it valuable to have her on board for the further expansion of the Spyke Media network. She has a very no-nonsense approach to her task. “I am here to work, to focus, to bring the best results to my clients. I’m here to help them all the time, point them to potential problems and optimize their results”, Sheily explains.

An ambitioned, focused and hard-working character, Sheily likes to have her calm after work. She decided to live outside the big city Cologne and moved into a rather familiar suburban town. Here, she mostly does nothing. “I’m really kind of lazy at home”, Sheily says. She won’t blast about sports or other hobbies. She’d rather switch on YouTube and look for 30 to 60 minutes of fun entertainment to end the day.



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