Spyke Media offers benefits of Apple Search Ads to clients

Trained and certified by Apple experts, Spyke Media now adds Apple Search Ads to its portfolio to help advertisers connect with high quality traffic on a keyword basis

Apple Search Ads Spyke MediaThe mobile marketing landscape has been an environment of spectacular growth and exorbitant challenges at the same time, with an acceleration of developments that call for testing and renewing approaches continually. For us at Spyke Media, the way we connect advertisers and their mobile audiences evolves constantly – and it now includes us working with Apple Search Ads to the benefit of our quality-minded app advertisers. Late last year, we took the opportunity of a certified training for Apple Search Ads offered by Apple, and we’re glad to share this news with our customers.

Keyword-based user acquisition

“Working with Apple Search Ads means that we access a sector of the mobile marketing sphere featuring 100 per cent high quality, brand-safe traffic”, says Tunahan Yildiz, our Mobile Marketing Project Manager in charge of working with Apple Search Ads. For Spyke Media clients, it is now possible to acquire new users keyword-based through this new channel that was only introduced as recently as last August in Germany and for approximately 2 years in the US (on testing purposes) aswell as other countries.

“With way-above-average conversion rates and 30 per cent higher revenue per acquired user than on other platforms we see this as an important new way to leverage mobile marketing opportunities”, Tunahan explains. Apple Search Ads claims that 65 per cent of downloads result from a Search on the App Store, and that Apple Search Ads lead to a conversion rate of 50 per cent.

Detective work

The workshop led by Apple’s experts helped our team understand the whole potential of Apple Search Ads to be used to the benefit of our customers with mobile apps. “We learned a lot about using the platform in an expert way and how to make sense of the business-critical data such as budgets in the Search Ads context”, Tunahan says. As a result of the training, our team is now certified to find the right keywords for campaigns, optimize campaigns for apps according to keywords, to find high-quality users and to even achieve competitive advantages based on Search Ads keyword analysis. “As a matter of fact it is a nice piece of detective work to find the right keyword for Apple Search Ads and to help our advertisers connect with the best possible audience”, Tunahan Yildiz describes.

For Spyke Media going forward, Apple Search Ads will play an important part in the overall mobile app marketing portfolio offered to quality-aware advertisers. For our company, broadening the inventory while maximizing the traffic quality is a cornerstone in a dynamic global market. “In this scenario, Apple Search Ads Is an ideal channel where our clients will connect with individual consumers that actively search for what our advertisers have to offer”, says Tunahan Yildiz.

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