Talk, learn and play – Spyke Media visits Gamescom 2015

Yesterday, we took some time and went over to Gamescom here in our hometown of Cologne. As this trade show is one of the biggest events in the video gaming industry, we thought it would be a great opportunity to meet mobile gaming innovators from all over the world and talk about monetization, advertising and user acquisition. Of course, we also had to prove our talents as gamers and tried out some new games and some other interesting innovations. Well, that wasn’t the most successful part of the day. But back to the important news.

The first thing that always came across as a topic during many conversations was that mobile gaming is still growing rapidly. A recent study published by Deloitte indicates that the worldwide market volume of mobile gaming will surpass console and classic pc games for the first time ever in 2015. For us at Spyke that means that there will be more game developers in search for engaged users as well as more publishers who’d like to monetize their mobile games with us. That is why we put on an additional focus on games traffic and on a more detailed consultation for games publishers on mobile. We understand that this market potential leads to a growing need for advertising.


What we also learned is that the German mobile gaming market develops in line with the global market. 37 per cent of Germans at least play a mobile game once a week whereas 14 per cent noted that they play on a daily basis using their smartphone or tablet. Interesting: Mobile gaming is not something only for teenagers or gadget nerds anymore. 25 per cent of the respondents aging between 55 and 64 years said that they play mobile games once a week. Maybe we should think on how to reach out and engage these users to your app in the future?

Altogether we had some interesting meetings and learned a lot about future gaming trends as well as about our inability to play video games.


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