I recently came across an article by Josh Luger of businessinsider.com who illustrates the mobile ad ecosystem based on an infographic released by BI intelligence. For us at SPYKE, being in the position of a mobile advertising agency, we see it as integral that all the players of this system play their parts, be it agencies, ad networks, publishers or ad exchanges.

Mobile is more complex. Every part of the ecosystem has its own responsibility and expertise in a more complex ecosystem than the desktop advertising ecosystem was back in the days.

Therefore the process of a mobile campaign from creation to distribution includes all these steps, and it is important to think them combined.

First of all, brands hire agencies, which in turn create the campaign and then decide between the three alternatives of ad networks, ad exchanges or a direct contact to bigger publishers to transfer it onto the mobile devices of you and me. Mostly these agencies rely on the “seemingly more traditional” way and employ advertising networks. These networks establish a link between advertisers and publishers, but do not rely completely on a technical solution, like ad exchanges do.

Sometimes ad exchanges support ad networks by automatically exchanging parts of the mobile ad process. They often work as intermediary and connect publishers with multiple ad networks at the same time.

As you might recognize, every part of the ecosystem has its right to exist and is important for the system to succeed. We at SPYKE are happy that we have found our niche in the mobile ad ecosystem.

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