We’re entering the high season for our company. dmexco. It’s Germany’s leading digital marketing event. Dmexco is about to kick off in Mid-September. And partners come back from summer breaks full of plans and enthusiasm. To set the tune and add a new level of quality to our well-established performance marketing activities, I’m taking this opportunity to officially introduce our new product: Spyke Media now extends its Performance Marketing portfolio with powerful Apple Search Ads campaign management for our advertising partners. With our new product, we are combining the established logics of performance marketing in user acquisition and the high quality and control of Apple Search Ads, which is fraud-free and trustworthy.

DNA enshrined in performance

We had the idea to dig into Apple Search Ads as a relevant additional service about a year ago. At that time we noticed that many of our clients were looking for ways to make sense of ASA. We found out pretty soon about a lack of tools on the market. Such tools would let advertisers extend performance data to Apple Search Ads campaigns. But they weren’t available. This was a challenge we were willing to solve. Our DNA is strictly enshrined in performance. So we started testing how to deliver the many benefits of Apple Search Ads in a way that would count only the success – performance – of the campaign. Pay only if you get your desired outcome, it’s that simple.

Clients pay for performance only

Our internal team started testing in early 2019, combining data from various tool in our tech stack and upgrading this information with data provided by the tools of our clients. During Alpha and Beta test phases, we added a variety of MMP solutions and other data sources to build an information framework solid enough to guarantee trustworthy and transparent performance attribution applicable to Apple Search Ads campaigns. Now, after successfully finalizing the tests, we can claim our mobile territory here as well: Our clients enter the world of Apple Search Ads with us – and will only pay when the desired performance was achieved.

Our managers monitor results and find alternative keywords

The engine of this product is not only running on refined data, but also on proactive management and analysis. This leads leading to optimization by our team of experts. Our managers constantly monitor results, bids on keywords, alternative keywords and more. We help our clients as we also review the App Store Optimization of the relevant apps. As a matter of service, we offer free advice to optimize this factor in order to maximize performance.

We’re proud to extend our offer to advertisers with our new ASA line. Essentially, this is a service for all those companies that don’t run their own business intelligence solutions for the campaigns in question. As Spyke Media is completely performance-focused, we keep the risk low for our partners and operate on a revenue share basis. With this in mind, we invite you to start taking a look at Apple Search Ads in a performance-only way. Talk to us about this new product!




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