Almost one month ago we had a great time at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. After a busy stint at our office in Cologne, Spyke is now ready to explore all the other great industry events in the world. Therefore our very own Ben Hasson will fly over to Israel next week to join GMIC 2016. In Tel Aviv Ben is going to meet a multinational bunch of innovators, creatives, enthusiasts and game-changers who focus on facilitating cross-border innovation and collaboration in the mobile and internet industry.

“It’s a great event in order to accelerate the Spyke Media innovation process through sharing and creating valuable new connections throughout our industries”, Ben said when we sat down with him to discuss the upcoming event. To him the conference is a great place to get to know about frontier ideas and how technologies take the whole industry one step ahead at the time to define the future businesses which will flourish. When we asked Ben about the main topics he is interested to hear about during his Tel-Aviv stint he came up with two big themes. “I’m looking forward to seeing new trends and developments of the global gaming market. You know, we at Spyke are strong in promoting gaming apps over all the relevant mobile markets of the world”, Ben answers. “And if you would ask me for another great topic, I’d go with the differences of user acquisition and mobile monetization between western and eastern markets”. According to Ben, the event has always touched on these differences and has also brought up some really helpful insights for almost all of the industry players around.

In terms of interesting speakers, the GMIC will feature a great bunch of phenomenal panelists such as Uri Levine who is the co-founder of Waze, world’s largest driving traffic and navigation app that was sold to Facebook, and also Eytan Galai, who serves as the Managing Director of Outbrain a major content discovery solution. Ben assured us during our little background conversation that he is really looking forward to hearing from these two because they are the driving forces behind to major app success cases.

So at the end, GMIC 2016 in the beautiful city of Tel Aviv will come down to networking but also learning from some the best people active in this industry. We are ready for Ben to come back to the office pitching us a lot of great new ideas to improve our app promotion service. Sorry for this kind of pressure, Ben.

If you’d like to set up a meeting with him just follow this link and throw in an appointment that fits your schedule.

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